Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Adventures Of A Custom Munny- A Photostory

Hello everyone and happy 4th! Today when me and my mom went garage saling I picked up this cute little blank vinyl doll brand new in the box. It was $5, but it was later in the sale so they went down to $2 so I just had to buy it! When I got home a customized it, it took me about 3 hours to design and create it- but it was worth it! So here is my custom Munny, on a cool little adventure.

"It sure is a jungle out there,"

"And I am going to explore it!"

"But I cant reach the handle, I am too short!"

"But with a little help of Halo, anything is possible!" 

 "Yayayayayayay!!!!! I am outside on the deck! It is the best day ever!!!!!!! Wait, it is the only day I've had; I am brand new"

Snapshot of Moi

"Well its time for me to head out, it is almost firework time! Hey wait, I don't have a name yet!" Gasps "I have an idea! What about YOU decide my name?"
Sorry it is mostly dialogue, and is REALLY short. I also need your opinion, I now want another one of these to customize, but they are really expensive and I cant decide how to customize it. So I need your help, would you want me to create a: abstract one (no eyes just a lot of doodles), A person (if so, a boy or a girl), cupid or other? Thanks for all your help, and have a wonderful rest of your 4th!

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