Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Cute thrift shop finds with Frankie Stein!

Hi guys its Halo here with Frankie Stein! She was SOOOOO EXCITED when I got home form the thrift shop cause' I always find something! So Frankie wants to show YOU personally what I got! Take it away Frankie!
Hi ladies, I hope your having a great Wednesday! I am going to show you all the AWESOME things that Halo got this week at the thrift shop!
Would you like cream or sugar with that miss? Halo found this super cute doll sized tea set, she thinks it was for candle sticks ( I don't believe her)

(Birds eye view of the tea set )
This was her big deal and a whopping 25 cents! Wow I was really surprised!
She also found sparkly clothes pins for crafts and stuff like that.
Me modeling the wonderful clothespins!
Ok I love these, they are plastic glasses! I think they where for scrapbooking but now Miss Frankie Stein will try them on!
TADA!!!!!!!! They are kinda big but I think they will do!
She also got a pair of small scissors for sewing.....
And a cute necklace!!!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out all the stuff I found (halo found). And I hope you have a great rest of your day!

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  1. Great finds! I love going to thrift's so fun to find such cool things at such a low price. Have a great weekend as well! :)