Thursday, May 28, 2015

How to Make a Custom Boy Doll Out of a Short Haired Doll!

This morning I was playing around with my dolls hair this morning and I discovered a way to turn a short haired 18" into a custom boy doll without damaging or cutting the dolls hair! Here it is!

Start off by choosing neutral clothing that a boy or a girl could wear (Solid color T-shirt, jeans ext.)  

I chose a tank top, coat, jeans with boots!

Now? What about the hair? Personally I think it is easiest to do the hair style with a short haired doll. You can do it with a doll that has longer hair but I think it might be a little bit harder.
To do the hair, you will need a old sock, and if it is to long, you can cut off part of it like I did.
 A doll hair brush,

 and a bobby pin or a beret.
 Take a strip of hair and brush it out.

 Take the  piece of hair a pull it to the other side of her head.
 Clip it in place.
 Carefully put the sock on her head- to make a floppy hat.
 Push the sides of her hair in the hat, to complete the look.

 And now you have a CUSTOM BOY DOLL!
I hope you guys liked that tutorial and I hope to do many more sometime soon!
Have a glitterific day!


  1. Your blog rocks! Would you mind checking out my last two posts and leaving a comment and maybe even follow? Thank you so much,
    Eva :)

  2. Thanks SOO MUCH! You rock :)

  3. Great idea, Halo! This way you can play around by having a boy doll in the group and then switch him back to a girl when you want a change. Really awesome idea. :)