Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Doll Diaries is haveing a giveaway!!!

YESSSS  AM BACK!!!!  I bet you have been wondering where the heck I am! LOL, well I finally started to feel better and I am writing this post to let you know I am still alive, I DID NOT ditch my blog and..................................................................................................................................................
Yes you read that right! They are giving away an American girl doll! I was super excited when I read the title on the blog! I thought you all would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear about this giveaway so you wouldn't miss out on a giveaway like this!
Here is the link:
Make sure to enter before SEPTEMBER 12 2015!!!!
I will hope to post at least every other day or 3 to 2 times a week, I will be really busy with school starting soon!
Don't forget to enter!!

Monday, August 17, 2015

I am sick

Oh my gosh! Its been how long I have been gone????? I am super sorry, its just I have been extremely sick after visiting a Chinese buffet and that was like one or two weeks ago. I am getting to feel a little bit better (that's why I wrote this post). But I am still not feeling to good. I will post soon I promise I just have to get feeling better! So I wont leave this post picture-less here is a random picture!
This isn't me, its just a picture I found on the internet lol. I want my hair to be cut like this!

I hope you all have a great rest of your night!


Friday, August 7, 2015

Sisterhood of the world blogger award

I was nominated by Miss Farrah Lily at Cozy Comforts and Dolls for the Sisterhood of the world blogger award! Thanks so much Farrah!

Here are all the wonderful questions she asked:

 1) Do you collect anything other than dolls?
-Yes I do! I collect headbands (every girl HAS to have at least one head band lol), old note books, pillows and stuffed animals! I have a lot more things in my room too but they are more of obsessions than actual collections (like books lol).
2) Why did you start a doll blog?
-Well, I started a doll blog because I love reading them! It just makes my day when I read all the fun posts that my blogging friends have made! And I always wanted to get that same reaction from people reading my posts!
3) What doll line is your favorite to collect?
-Hmm, that's a hard one. I like Our generation, because they have GREAT prices. I also like Barbie, Liv dolls and Ag. I like them all so I cant chose one lol.
4) Your favorite American Girl doll accessory?
-I really like their glasses! My fave accessory has to be the Raspberry Glasses! They are just so cute!
5) If you could have any "career" what would it be?
-Man that is a SUPER hard one, my parents ask me that all the time lol. I either want to be a surgeon, brain surgeon, computer programmer or astrophysicist!
6) Do you play any instruments and if so, what?
-Yes I do! I have proudly been playing the viola for 4 years now!  And I am going to continue playing for the rest of my life!
7) Where is your most favorite place you've ever been?
-Ok, I have to say my favorite place I have been to was the Children's Museum in St. Luis! I went when I was I think 5 with my too sisters! It was a terrible drive (We almost ran out of gas lol) but it was worth it !
8) What is your most favorite thing about yourself?
-Hmm, my favorite thing about my self has to be how creative I am! I love creating things to hang in my room and all kinds of things like that! Its just so fun! I love love love love LOVE that part about me!
9) Favorite Movie?
-Oh gosh, I honestly don't know! I like Divergent, Inkheart, Bedtime story and Jurassic World a lot, but I just cant decide lol :D 
10) If money were no object, where would you most like to travel to?
-Hmm, I would love to go see Iran. I am part Persian and some of my family lives there! I would love to go see them for the first time and see the great culture that they have there!
Thanks Farrah for the wonderful questions!
Ok I am just following you Farrah I guess I will nominate 5 people as well:
-Madison from Delightful World of Dolls
-Liz from American girl fan
-Jaclynn from Little house of American girl
-Kaitlyn from American girl place
-and last but not least Adaline from AG in the Shire!
My questions for you are:
1) Why and when did you start collecting dolls?
2) Do you have any siblings?
3) What's your favorite school subject (or was your favorite school subject)
4) Why did you start a doll blog?
5) What's your favorite kind of music?
6) Do you have any special talents?
7) Do you collect anything else besides dolls?
8) What's your favorite movie?
9) What's your favorite book?
10) What place would you like to travel to?
I can't wait to hear your answers! Stay tuned to see my room tour!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Sorry I have been inactive lately :(

I apologies for being very inactive lately, my room is going through SERIOUS remodel and I wanted to be apart of it. Tomorrow I will have a room tour of my WHOLE room! So stay tuned!