Meet the Dolls!

This is where you can find all my dolls, see there personalities and more! It is not fully finished but I will be working on it!

Graci is the youngest of all my 18" dolls. She is a total tomboy who never likes to dress up fancy and only will if someone makes her. She is in gymnastics and hopes to be win a gold medal in the Olympics.
Name: Graci
Age: 9
Doll: She is an OG doll but I don't know which one.
Where I got her: I got her from a garage sale
Favorite color: Green
Favorite food: Pizza
Siblings: Mary Lynn
Gabby is a so called "Average Person" who stars in the hit show "Gabby's World". She is a complete girly girl who loves fashion and changes clothes three times a day.
Name: Gabby
Age: 18
Doll: She is originally a Tris doll from divergent.
Where I got her: I got it for a b-day present from my aunt
Favorite color: Pink
Favorite food: Dirt Cake (its a thing)
Siblings: Ryan
More coming soon.............

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