Sunday, May 31, 2015

One more day until CAMP DOLL DIAIRES!!!!!

Yay! It has almost finally come! Tomorrow is CDD (Camp Doll Diaries). My dolls are soooooooo excited and they wait! They packed all there stuff and they are ready to go! I will soon post a photo story about it!
Thanks and have a glitterific day!

Friday, May 29, 2015

AG Doll Wish List 2015

Happy Friday everyone! I'm sorry I am posting so late in the day but I got inspiration for a post!  I was looking around AG tonight and I thought I should post my doll wish list! So here we go!

I really love this doll! She looks like me other than how dark her skin is (I am tan from playing outside a lot but not that dark) I would name her Lyla May
This was the first doll on my wish list and I like her because she reminds me of Saige. I would name her Rylee

She is SOOO pretty! I love the green eyes and the hair! Does anyone have this doll to know if the hair is lighter then the picture? I would name her Kat or Kim.
I think she is just TOO CUTE! I love the pig tails and the honey blonde hair! I would name her Hope or Faith.
I always loved her! I dreamed of having her for A LONG TIME! I would name her either Alex or Piper!
What's on YOUR wish doll wish list and which doll should I pick?
Have a GLITTERIFIC rest of your night!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

How to Make a Custom Boy Doll Out of a Short Haired Doll!

This morning I was playing around with my dolls hair this morning and I discovered a way to turn a short haired 18" into a custom boy doll without damaging or cutting the dolls hair! Here it is!

Start off by choosing neutral clothing that a boy or a girl could wear (Solid color T-shirt, jeans ext.)  

I chose a tank top, coat, jeans with boots!

Now? What about the hair? Personally I think it is easiest to do the hair style with a short haired doll. You can do it with a doll that has longer hair but I think it might be a little bit harder.
To do the hair, you will need a old sock, and if it is to long, you can cut off part of it like I did.
 A doll hair brush,

 and a bobby pin or a beret.
 Take a strip of hair and brush it out.

 Take the  piece of hair a pull it to the other side of her head.
 Clip it in place.
 Carefully put the sock on her head- to make a floppy hat.
 Push the sides of her hair in the hat, to complete the look.

 And now you have a CUSTOM BOY DOLL!
I hope you guys liked that tutorial and I hope to do many more sometime soon!
Have a glitterific day!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Technical Difficulties

I bet your wondering why the heck is the header photo is smaller than everything else, well I kinda was playing around with it and I sorta tried out different pictures and I cant find the original one, so I am going to take a new photo and put it on here (hopefully)!
(Nvm I fixed it!, but I will be changing the picture soon!)

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Truly Me line by AG

I am actually pretty excited about Truly Me! I am also VERY happy that they changed the meet outfits! I love the sweater dress! But, I don't like it how they got rid of the necklace and replaced it with something else. I am glad that they got two new dolls!
I would name the first one Lyla (Lye- Luh) May and I would name the second one Lexi Grace! I like Lyla's face mold, she somewhat reminds me of Josephina. I think she would make a great sister to Josephina. Now, about Lexi, I wish that they would stop making so many blonde hair blue eyes doll with the original face mold. But, I think she is pretty adorable, she would make a good sister to kit I think.

I like some of the new outfits ALOT!

 I especially love the Seaside fun outfit! But I do love the Shimmer Doodle outfit because of the adorable SHOES!!!!!  I might try to sew different versions of this to fit other sized dolls and 18" dolls.
Overall I think the Truly Me line in great and I hope to get one soon.
Have a Glitterific day,
P.S Don't forget to join the Truly Me sweepstakes for your chance to win!

Saturday, May 23, 2015


I know I just posted like 20 minutes ago but I HAVE to tell you guys something! Well, the new line Truly Me by American girl is having a sweepstakes and I entered it because I ALWAYS WANTED AN AMERICAN GIRL DOLL! And if you look at the age limit it was only 8-13! To me that is just messed up! Older people like AG dolls too! I went to the blog Little house of AG and the said write them a email or if you have a blog make a post about it so I did! I hope they change this and I hope it happens soon.
Have a glitterific day and I should stop posting for today!

Gabby's World Friday!

*Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I was super busy and I meant to post this yester day so ready it like it is Friday!*
Hey everyone! It is a BEAUTIFUL Friday and I thought it would be a great day to post a episode of gabby's world EVERY FRIDAY! So here it is Episode 2 of GABBY'S WORLD!
T.G.I.F everyone

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My Life line at Walmart

I went to Walmart recently, and I walked down the doll isle. And the My Life Line caught my eye, I seen them before but never really paid much attention to them. The my life line is really Madam Alexander Dolls! Yes Madam Alexander! But they are tons cheaper! And all you AG Lovers out there, before you go order a AG doll brush for $7, go to Walmart and get a wire wig brush for only a $1.50! They have tons of shoes, accessories and even doll jewelry! For such a low cost! I love all the clothes, I might just go there to get inspiration to sew some things! One of my favorites was a ADORABLE panda hat for only $3! I will most likely get some of there products in the future and I will tell you all about it when I do! Go check em' out!
Have a glitterific day!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Welcome Welcome Welcome!

Welcome all doll lovers to a official welcome to my blog. If you came here from my old blog Utterly Awesome, welcome back! My name is Halo and you can here more about me in the About me tab!  Well, lets get talking about the actual blog itself. Lovin' Dolls is a Doll blog, we will try to talk about all the dolls out there. We will be posting about dolls, doll crafts, doll videos, doll reviews, Gabby's World and hopefully even have some giveaways! I really hope this blog becomes big like all the other blogs I LOVE like Doll Diaries, Delightful World of Dolls, Little House of AG and more!
 To welcome all of you, I would like to post the first ever episode of Gabby's World!
If your wondering why half of the video is bright and half is dark, well long story short. I filmed one in the morning and one at night. Once I have more people looking at my blog I will show behind the scenes and all that jazz!
Thanks for stopping by and have a GLITTERIFIC DAY!!!!!!!!