About Me

Hello everyone! I am halo and welcome to my blog! I love to write, craft, crochet, sew, play dolls, photography and enjoy the outdoors! On my blog I will be posting about DOLLS YES DOLLS! Everything dolls!
I am homeschooled, so I will have a lot of free time on my hands to answer questions and comments. I hope my blog would grow big over time and I would get a lot of people who follow my blog!
Now, lets get to the exciting part! I want to hear about you! yes you! I love hearing your comments and advice! So please comment below and tell me anything! Like, ways I could improve my blog, what you want to hear more about (Crafts, sewing, dolls ext.). I would love hear all your suggestions!


  1. I also am homeschooled, like to write, and I love dolls and the outdoors! :)


  2. I love dolls and I crochet too.

  3. I am homeschooled too!! :D