Friday, May 29, 2015

AG Doll Wish List 2015

Happy Friday everyone! I'm sorry I am posting so late in the day but I got inspiration for a post!  I was looking around AG tonight and I thought I should post my doll wish list! So here we go!

I really love this doll! She looks like me other than how dark her skin is (I am tan from playing outside a lot but not that dark) I would name her Lyla May
This was the first doll on my wish list and I like her because she reminds me of Saige. I would name her Rylee

She is SOOO pretty! I love the green eyes and the hair! Does anyone have this doll to know if the hair is lighter then the picture? I would name her Kat or Kim.
I think she is just TOO CUTE! I love the pig tails and the honey blonde hair! I would name her Hope or Faith.
I always loved her! I dreamed of having her for A LONG TIME! I would name her either Alex or Piper!
What's on YOUR wish doll wish list and which doll should I pick?
Have a GLITTERIFIC rest of your night!

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  1. I have so many on my wish list as well! I love Rebecca, Josefina and Addy from the BeForever line as well as GOTY Grace. As for the Truly Me's, I love many as well, but I really like the tan one with the Josefina mold and the shorter light brown hair. So cute! I hope you get all of the ones on your wishlist-they are all very cute. :)