Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My Life line at Walmart

I went to Walmart recently, and I walked down the doll isle. And the My Life Line caught my eye, I seen them before but never really paid much attention to them. The my life line is really Madam Alexander Dolls! Yes Madam Alexander! But they are tons cheaper! And all you AG Lovers out there, before you go order a AG doll brush for $7, go to Walmart and get a wire wig brush for only a $1.50! They have tons of shoes, accessories and even doll jewelry! For such a low cost! I love all the clothes, I might just go there to get inspiration to sew some things! One of my favorites was a ADORABLE panda hat for only $3! I will most likely get some of there products in the future and I will tell you all about it when I do! Go check em' out!
Have a glitterific day!

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  1. I've gotten a few things from the My Life As line, they're stuff is really cute! :D