Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Truly Me line by AG

I am actually pretty excited about Truly Me! I am also VERY happy that they changed the meet outfits! I love the sweater dress! But, I don't like it how they got rid of the necklace and replaced it with something else. I am glad that they got two new dolls!
I would name the first one Lyla (Lye- Luh) May and I would name the second one Lexi Grace! I like Lyla's face mold, she somewhat reminds me of Josephina. I think she would make a great sister to Josephina. Now, about Lexi, I wish that they would stop making so many blonde hair blue eyes doll with the original face mold. But, I think she is pretty adorable, she would make a good sister to kit I think.

I like some of the new outfits ALOT!

 I especially love the Seaside fun outfit! But I do love the Shimmer Doodle outfit because of the adorable SHOES!!!!!  I might try to sew different versions of this to fit other sized dolls and 18" dolls.
Overall I think the Truly Me line in great and I hope to get one soon.
Have a Glitterific day,
P.S Don't forget to join the Truly Me sweepstakes for your chance to win!

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