Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A doll craft- Make Doll Sized Ice cream!

Hello ladies! I am back from my surprisingly short vacation and here today with a doll sized craft! I have had these small ice cream containers sitting in my room for almost a year, and I knew I would make my dolls some ice cream one day but I guess I was stalling. So today I thought it would be the PERFECT day because it is blistering hot outside to do anything.

Here are the supplies:
Facial cotton balls
Small ice cream container
Paint (optional)
Start of by stretching the cotton balls making sure they don't completely split in half like so.

Once you have all your cotton balls stretched out put them together in a ball. Now you should have a puffy ball of fluff lol.

(sorry for the blurry pic) Stuff the fluff (hehe it rhymes) inside the small ice cream container. If you have enough cotton balls it should go all the way up to the top of your container, but I don't have enough.
If you want to make different flavors (chocolate chip, strawberry, ext.) you can take some paint and drizzle, drop or pour to get the ice cream looking like you want.
I am making chocolate chip so I am dropping black paint all over my ice cream.
 Photos of the ice cream


Once its dry put the cap on, label it with a marker and let your dolls enjoy handmade ice cream :)
I hope you liked my tutorial! I wish to do many in the future! Have a great day everyone! Please comment and share my blog with your friends!
*What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?*

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