Thursday, July 2, 2015

Grace Stirs up Success Movie Review

Hi guys I am back from summer school, and I am all ready to start posting new posts! I watched Grace Stirs Up Success a movie by American Girl! I thought it was a GREAT movie, by far one of the best GOTY movies they have ever created! The only part I didn't care about was the soundtrack, I always have the songs stuck in my head after watching an American Girl movie, but this time it didn't click. But other than that it was great!
It had great humor in it too! I loved it when Grace's uncle got pied in the face, it was SOOOO funny! I was really glad I couldn't guess the ending of this movie, I thought the end would be her trying to prove that she was a good cook in front of her uncle or getting her uncle to serve in the fancy hotel *SPOILER ALERT: He did* but really she wanted to save her grandma and grandpas bakery! I hope ever AG movie is like this!!!!
My over all rating is a four and a half star, I would have given it a full five star if the soundtrack was better.
Thanks and have a glitterific rest of your night!

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