Friday, July 10, 2015

Call me crazy- I customize my dolls.

Yup, you heard it, I customize my dolls! And I did a customization just recently! And now that it is completed I want to show you! I have currently been customizing Olivia, and most of you haven't been seeing her recently because I've been customizing her (I already said that, stop repeating your self halo lol).  Well, I hope you enjoy the customizations I have been doing!
 Here is Olivia from a far distance with her new customizations. you cant really notice some stuff on her face but you can notice her bangs.  
 I gave her bangs.
 I cut her hair shorter

 I gave her removable freckles

 And I gave her pink and green highlights with a marker.
 Olivia loves her new look and cant wait to go outside and play!
 "Photo shoot time!!!" Olivia squeals.

I hope you like my customization I did on Olivia! Please don't post any nasty comments about my customizations I do I appreciate it.  If your thinking about customizing your dolls, I would love to help; I was thinking about making a tutorial series about customizing dolls! But, I wouldn't recommend using expensive dolls like American Girl Dolls, but you can use Barbie's, Our Generation dolls ext.
I hope you have a great day,


  1. She looks great! Great job on her haircut and freckles. I love the wink. :) It's really fun to be creative. I am trying to think of ways to add little touches to some of my dolls. Some of my Monster High dolls have such bad eyes that I hope to figure out how to repaint them without ruining them, lol. Have a great weekend!


    1. Thanks for the comment! I notice that on Monster High dolls a lot, My Froggy Stuff has some customizations with mostly monster high dolls and they do there eyes; so maybe that will help.

  2. SHE LOOKS ADORABLE!! The hair looks great. I would love to see a post about customizing! I might do it with one of my dolls!! :D