Sunday, June 14, 2015

Two Sisters- A Photo Story

YESH!!!! I finally got a photo story up! I have been really busy and I finally got to sit down a write a photo story! Hope you like it!
Mary Lynn and Graci is outside taking there yearly spring pictures. They had to wear their best clothes, Mary Lynn is wearing her white dress with purple flowers and Graci is wearing her purple dress.
"Ugh, taking pictures is SOOO boring, lets do something a little more, FUN!!!" Graci said throwing her arms dramatically in the air. " What do you mean by more fun?" Mary Lynn said. "Lynn, you know what I mean, I mean like doing CARTWHEELS!!!"

"NOOOO!!! DONT DO THAT!!!! YOU WILL RUIN YOUR DRESS!!" Mary Lynn squealed, "Your going to give me a HEARTATTACK if you do that again, back to photo's " 

"BORING" Graci yelled.
"OH MY GOD!!!!! ITS A ROLLEY POLLEY!!! I LOVE ROLLEY POLLEYS!!!!!" Graci screams reaching down to touch the tiny creature who was running away from the giant hand trying to scoop him up. "DONT TOUCH THAT!" Mary Lynn yelled once more, loud enough for the whole neighborhood to hear. "Ugh, fine," Graci sighed.
Yeah, I bet I will do better  with my future photostories I am a bit rusty after all this time, but its ok. I hope you liked my photo story!
Have a glitterific day!

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