Monday, June 1, 2015

May Awesomeness!

Here it is the end of may! I will soon be starting Summer School (I didn't make bad grades don't worry) and I will be enjoying the warm weather here (I hope we get some, Portland is getting all of it) and going swimming hopefully at least once a week. Now, lets review what me and my dolls did in may!
  • We started Lovin Dolls!
  • We took a look at the my life line!
  • Another episode of Gabby's World
  • American Girl Madness
  • Truly me line by AG
  • Technical difficulties (and took a long time to fix)
  • A tutorial on how to make a custom boy doll out of a short haired doll
  • AG doll wish list 2015
*Dreamily sighs* Wow, I sure do love looking over what we did!
Well, I think June will be a VERY exciting month. All of my dolls will be going to CDD (camp doll diaries) and I will post everything they did hopefully every day! I will be saving up for new dolls to add to my collection. And I will be doing my first ever photo story ever posted on my blog hopefully this afternoon (Sorry about he delays on post I have been really busy). And more and more and more and MOOOOOOORE!!!!
Thanks and have a glitterific day!

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  1. Hey Halo,
    You left a comment on my blog about getting a contact form on your blog. To get it go to your layout and click add a gadget. On the left of the window that there are three sub-categories. Click on the one that says "more gadgets". The contact form should be the second one that comes up with the blue envelope icon. I hope this helps. :)