Thursday, June 18, 2015


Hi everyone! One more day until the weekend! I have heard about tagging bloggers all over all my favorite dolly blogs! So I thought, hmm why not, lets try it! So lets go!
This is how we do it:
 The tag is to: 
1. List 3 favorite dolls from the ones you got last year.
2. List 3 dolls currently on your wishlist.
3. Tag 5 people to do the same thing!

Ok, so 3 favorite dolls I got last year

#1  Midge a Happy Family Barbie
This picture isn't my exact midge Barbie, but this is the same model of her. I LOVE this doll, I love her freckles and orange hair. I got her from a garage sale for about 50 cents, and she is one of my favorite Barbie's! 

 #2 Emma a madam alexander doll
Again I got her at a yard sale, but she is SUPER pretty and was a GREAT deal- I just couldn't resist.  I love her smooth silky blonde hair and bright blue eyes! She was a great deal at $15.

#3 Tris a Divergent collectors doll
You may know Tris as Gabby from the "Gabby Show". I absolutely love her!  She has beautiful silky caramel hair with light highlights and has bendable wrist, elbows, her head can turn and her knees. I got her as a gift for my birthday from my wonderful aunt Cynthia- Thank you aunt Cynthia!
Ok now these are the dolls on my WISHLIST!!!! I really want these dolls and I hope one day I can get them!
#1 Truly me #22?
I bet your wondering why I put a question mark by this one, well I am not sure that is the number for it but I know it I around that area. She is so cute, I love her brown hair a green eye combo!
#2 Cerise Hood Ever After High
I love these dolls, I like there theme with this, sons a daughters of fairy tale people. She is so cute! I love her cape and her backstory.
#3 Alan a happy family Barbie
Yup, I am persisting  that I would get the whole Happy Family collection ( I have Midge, Ryan and the grandma al ready) But they are so expensive now that they are not sold in stores anymore and I really want him.
Here are the people I tag!
~Jaclynn~ from Little House of American Girl
Madison Delightful World Of Dolls
Liz American Girl Fan
Char Doll Diaries
Adaline AG in the Shire.
I hope everyone that I tagged can do this! I hope you guys liked hearing about all my dolls I have and that I want!
Thanks and have glitterific day!

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  1. Great post! I can't believe you found a Happy Family Midge at a garage sale...amazing!! She has such a cute face. The Madame Alexander doll is really pretty as well and I think I like these older ones better than the new ones that are in the store. Tris is stunning as well! I loved the Divergent movies and was thinking of adding her to my collection, but wasn't sure if she had bendable arms, but it sounds like yours does so that's great as it makes their posing more fun. :)